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First off, Here's a great tool for viewing Paintshop Pro Tools In other languages

Site down on Hiatus until further notice.

Rainbow Tutorials Terms Of Usage Terms of use revised and updated august 15th 2010 I felt I should clarify more clearly my terms of use These tutorials are my own concept and any similarities are purely by cocincidence.

The tutorials marked Banners,Backgrounds, Buttons,Frames, Animations. You can do what ever you want to those those are yours as you made them.

The ones that include an image such as Rainbow Coffi, ETC . I reccomend you leave images out of those if you wish to use the items for other uses like above. The sites Above have strict copyright policy.

Also, I must ask you don't direct link me . Please use my banners you can download below . This will ensure bandwith won't be zapped and I can still write tutorials. Thank you , For understanding . For inquiries ,Ideas for more tutorials, Email me at the bottom in the footer.

One last thing If you would like to host one of my tutorials contact me and I'll consider it. You may use my tutorials in your forums provided credit . If you need formal permission letter contact me and I shall be much obliged to do so .

I Support

I support No Bullying or Stalking

Please don't Text Link.Take one of my banners. And also within zip file is the No Bully Banner Link those to;

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